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Sperm evaluation is an area of both clinical and research interest for Dr. Rose. The Male Fertility Assessment Lab provides advanced semen testing, both for patients being seen at Infertility Solutions, P.C. and those being taken care of by other physicians.

Any doctor can order semen studies for his or her patients at Infertility Solutions, P.C. The patient simply needs to bring in an order request from his physician to his appointment for testing at the laboratory. He can make an appointment for this testing by calling 610-776-1217. A detailed report and interpretation of the testing will then be sent to the requesting physician approximately two weeks after the specimen was produced.

Semen testing has changed dramatically in the last fifteen years [ additional information ]. Most sperm produced by most men are unlikely to ever fertilize an egg. The sperm egg interaction is a complex one which requires great competence of the sperm. Contemporary semen testing should try to provide information on the size of the functional sub-population of the sperm in the specimen. The semen analysis is then often used to help decide how to make the specimen work more efficiently for the couple.

Few laboratories are oriented towards providing this information. Good quality testing is both labor intensive and requires a high level of sub-specialty expertise. Sperm evaluation by the Male Fertility Assessment Laboratory frequently provides an explanation of why a couple has had difficulty getting pregnant that has been missed by semen testing in other laboratories.

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