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It contains information about Infertility Solutions, the science behind various infertility issues (sperm problems, ICSI, assisted hatching, IUIs, tubal occlusion, ovulation induction, etc.) and information about how Dr. Rose approaches infertility and IVF. There frequently is more than one correct way to do things in infertility. Dr. Rose's approaches are based on his understanding of reproductive physiology together with his personal experiences with infertility. These web pages try to show the kind of thinking that goes into helping patients decide on their most appropriate next directions.

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Explore this web site, you will learn new things about infertility and the reproductive process.

Infertility Solutions is a private infertility and IVF practice with offices in Allentown (Lehigh Valley) and Clarks Summit (Scranton area). Dr. Bruce Rose is board certified in reproductive endocrinology and infertility as well as obstetrics and gynecology. We provide full service "state-of-the-art" infertility care in a small comfortable setting.

Straight-forward information about costs

One difficult aspect of infertility care is that it uses increased amount of technology and that insurance coverage for this technology is often inadequate.  We feel that there are many couples who we could help achieve pregnancy, but they simply can't afford the therapy.  This is especially true for IVF.  Because of this, we have developed several approaches to helping couples become pregnant which do not cost as much as conventional IVF.  These are "gentle" forms of IVF which use limited medications and as a result cost about half as much as regular IVF.  Some patients will still require conventional IVF in order to become pregnant, but younger patients and patients with sperm or tubal problems may only require these "gentle" methods.

Another issue is understanding the total costs of a complex medical procedure.  We have tried to use this web site to present as clear a picture of what costs for these expensive advanced reproductive technologies are as we possibly can. In addition to charges that IVF programs view as routine to IVF, there are other medical costs that need to be taken into account.  We think that our charges for IVF procedures compare favorably to other programs, but by reading our discussion you will be better understand costs at all IVF programs.

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We are not a "clinic".

Each patient is unique to us and we strive to help her achieve her goals with our superior results. Dr. Rose's subspecialty interests are IVF (in vitro fertilization), lower cost IVF techniques (such as IVM and Mini-IVF) and male factor infertility. Although successful results are the most important part of an IVF program, the support provided to the individuals undertaking this difficult process, and the program components that decrease some of the obvious stresses of the process (such as our multi-cycle discount plan, our risk sharing- IVF refund program, and out shared donor programs) are also important considerations. 

We are also one of the few programs in the United States offering "gentle" approaches to IVF.  Specifically, we refer to these as: IVM (in vitro maturation) and Mini-stim™ IVF. Both of these are easier for patients to do and significantly less expensive than conventional IVF.

Patients describe their experiences (in their own words).