When Should You See an Infertility Doctor?

sperm-956481_1280You should see a doctor that specializes in fertility solutions if you have been attempting to get pregnant and having unprotected sex for at least one year’s time and have not been able to conceive a child.  If you are older and you have been trying for at least six months to conceive a child without success, you may not wish to wait a full year and you may instead go and see a specialist after around six months so you can take action faster.  If fertility issues run in your family or if you are trying to conceive a second time after having difficulty conceiving your first child, it could also be a good idea to see a doctor sooner.

When you decide that you need to see a fertility doctor, it is important for both members of the couple to get tested so all possible fertility issues can be identified. Contact a specialist today to get started.

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