What are Some Common Fertility Issues?

sperm-806391_640When couples have difficulty conceiving a child, one or both members of the couple could have health issues that affect fertility.  Around 30 percent of cases of infertility occur as a result of female reproductive problems and around 30 percent of cases occur because of male reproductive problems.  When women have reproductive problems, it may be because of fibroids or endometriosis or it may be because they are not ovulating.    Problems with the fallopian tubes may also exist, but can be more difficult to fix.

When men have reproductive system problems, it could be because of low sperm production or because their bodies are not producing sperm. There could also be a problem with the tubes that transport the sperm.

Finding out what the problems are and taking steps to fix them through surgery or medication can often help you to conceive. If these options do not work, a fertility specialist can help you to determine if in vitro fertilization could be an option for you.

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