The amazing slowly becomes commonplace

It a new world.  The amazing slowly becomes commonplace.  She had a tubal ligation.   He had a vasectomy.  The years passed and they both got divorced, found each other, and wanted to have a child together.

They now have a pregnancy with a strong heart beat that is growing well.  I only met them two months ago.  We treated her with hormones to get her to produce multiple eggs and removed them in my office.  When she was done, we give him a gentle anesthesia and removed a rice-sized piece of tissue from his testicles using a needle.

From that testicular tissue, we identified sperm and injected it into her eggs.  We transferred two embryos into her and froze their left-over embryos for use at another time.  The process took them two weeks.  They saved considerable time, invasive surgeries, and financial costs compared to an attempt at reconstructing his vas and her tubes.

Ten years ago, we would not have believed that such a simple process could overcome both of their problems so quickly.

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