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Not being able to get pregnant when you want to is a terrible situation in which to find yourself.  The situation is made worse by poor insurance coverage and limited financial resources.  One of our former patient's response to this problem was to set up a foundation to help couples in this situation.

The "Believe" fertility foundation provides financial aid to low income couples who are uninsured for fertility treatment.  Since funds are limited, the applicant must apply for aid and be selected in order to receive it. More information can be obtained from their web site


or from our billing office.

The foundation is supported by donations and uses fund raisers to generate those donations.  Fertility treatment enables women to have more control over their lives and futures. It is easy to minimize the impact of infertility as related to lifestyle choices, but if you do, you don't know anyone with long term infertility.  Believe foundation welcome donations from individuals and help from others who see infertility as an important problem.